Birthplace: Gansu Province

Zhang Bin (Gansu Province, 1956)
Xian Hui (Gansu Province, Dingxi County, 1958)
Jiang Xinzhi (Gansu Province, Dunhuang City, 1958)
Zhou Duoming (Gansu Province, Gaotai County, 1955)
Zhang Kaixun (Gansu Province, Gulang County, 1951)
Tian Xuebin (Gansu Province, Huining County, 1963)
Kong Changsheng (Gansu Province, Jingning County, 1963)
Yang Limin (Gansu Province, Jiuquan City, 1948)
Lu Kejian (Gansu Province, Jone County, 1932)
Nian Dexiang (Gansu Province, Kangle, 1930)
Chen Baosheng (Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, 1956)
Mou Benli (Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, 1946)
Qin Dahe (Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, 1947)
Wen Lan (Gansu Province, Lanzhou City)
Zhang Xuezhong (Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, 1943)
Li Xi (Gansu Province, Liangdang County, 1956)
Nian Jirong (Gansu Province, Lixian, 1938)
Yang Zhijin (Gansu Province, Minqin County, 1957)
Wang Huimin (Gansu Province, Ning County, 1959)
Huang Xuanping (Gansu Province, Pingliang City, 1955)
Li Ying (Gansu Province, Qinan County, 1946)
Deng Chengcheng (Gansu Province, Tianshui City, 1937)
Zhou Yixing (Gansu Province, Tianshui City)
Tondrub Wangben (Gansu Province, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, 1955)
Cai Wu (Gansu Province, Wudu County, 1949)
Doje Cering (Gansu Province, Xiahe County, 1939)
Zhou Weide (Gansu Province, Yongchang County, 1943)
Liu Peizhi (Gansu Province, Yuzhong County, 1953)
Gou Zhongwen (Gansu Province, Zhenyuan City, 1957)
Li Jianhua (Gansu Province, Zhenyuan County, 1956)
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