Birthplace: Hubei Province

Cai Esheng (Hubei Province, 1951)
Chen Aie (Hubei Province, 1938)
Chen Dongsheng (Hubei Province, 1957)
Li Chunming (Hubei Province, 1953)
Li Jianhong (Hubei Province, 1956)
Qiao Xiaoyang (Hubei Province, 1945)
Wu Handong (Hubei Province, 1951)
Yang Kaisheng (Hubei Province, 1949)
Guo Lingzhi (Hubei Province, Anlu County)
Chen Gang (Hubei Province, Chongyang County, 1966)
Nie Fengzhi (Hubei Province, Dalu, 1914)
Deng Daokun (Hubei Province, Dawu County, 1946)
Liu Huaqing (Hubei Province, Dawu County, 1916)
Qian Yunlu (Hubei Province, Dawu County, 1944)
Ke Hanmin (Hubei Province, Daye City, 1955)
Peng Qinghua (Hubei Province, Daye City, 1957)
Liu Shiquan (Hubei Province, Dayi County, 1963)
Du Yili (Hubei Province, Enshi City, 1954)
Long Zhuangwei (Hubei Province, Enshi Prefecture, 1956)
Zhao Bin (Hubei Province, Erzhou City, 1952)
Huang Guanchun (Hubei Province, Ezhou City, 1959)
Liu Zhijun (Hubei Province, Ezhou City, 1953)
Qi Huaiyuan (Hubei Province, Ezhou City, 1930)
Tu Guangshao (Hubei Province, Ezhou City, 1959)
Wang Exiang (Hubei Province, Gong'an, 1956)
Zhang Qifa (Hubei Province, Gong'an)
Liu Youfan (Hubei Province, Guangshui, 1949)
Yang Zhiqi (Hubei Province, Hanchuan City, 1946)
Fan Yuanmou (Hubei Province, Hanchuan County, 1940)
Song Zhenqi (Hubei Province, Hanyang District)
Yang Guanghong (Hubei Province, Hanyang District, 1943)
Ren Zhenhe (Hubei Province, Hefeng, 1964)
Zhu Chunxuan (Hubei Province, Hefeng, 1942)
Tian Qiyu (Hubei Province, Honghu City, 1940)
Zhu Hong (Hubei Province, Honghu City, 1957)
Wan Xueyuan (Hubei Province, Huanggang City, 1941)
Mei Xiangming (Hubei Province, Huangmei County, 1928)
Wu Ganguo (Hubei Province, Huangmei County, 1946)
Wu Heng (Hubei Province, Huangmei County, 1956)
Zhou Qiang (Hubei Province, Huangmei County, 1960)
Gu Shengzu (Hubei Province, Huangpi, 1956)
Ruan Chengfa (Hubei Province, Huangpi, 1957)
Chen Qingxuan (Hubei Province, Huangpo County)
Xiong Huiyin (Hubei Province, Huangpo County, 1945)
Sheng Maolin (Hubei Province, Huangshi City, 1960)
Zhang Changer (Hubei Province, Huangshi City, 1956)
Wang Luolin (Hubei Province, Huangzhou, 1938)
Huang Yuanzhi (Hubei Province, Jiangling County, 1942)
Luo Qingquan (Hubei Province, Jiangling County, 1945)
Suo Lisheng (Hubei Province, Jiangling County, 1944)
Fu Ziying (Hubei Province, Jianli County, 1957)
Xia Yong (Hubei Province, Jingzhou City, 1961)
Qian Jun (Hubei Province, Jinmen, 1964)
Ding Fengying (Hubei Province, Luotian County, 1943)
Li Zhigao (Hubei Province, Luotian County, 1967)
Tong Gang (Hubei Province, Luotian County, 1957)
Gan Zangchun (Hubei Province, Qichun County, 1958)
Li Xiaohong (Hubei Province, Shanshi City, 1953)
Chen Xiaoya (Hubei Province, Shashi City, 1953)
Fan Mingwu (Hubei Province, Shashi City, 1943)
Liao Yongyuan (Hubei Province, Songzi, 1962)
Zhou Chuantong (Hubei Province, Songzi, 1945)
Fu Zhengyi (Hubei Province, Suizhou City)
Guo Youming (Hubei Province, Suizhou City, 1956)
Du Zhanyuan (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1962)
Fan Zhaobing (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1958)
Gan Lin (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1963)
Qiu Yanhan (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1944)
Xie Fuzhan (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1954)
Yu Gesheng (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1956)
Zhang Yesui (Hubei Province, Tianmen City, 1953)
Xu Tangxian (Hubei Province, Tongshan County, 1954)
Hu Yuxian (Hubei Province, Wuchang District)
Liu Zhongyi (Hubei Province, Wuchang District, 1930)
Hu Chunhua (Hubei Province, Wufeng County, 1963)
Tian Yuke (Hubei Province, Wufeng County, 1953)
Bai Zhijian (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1948)
Liu Dongdong (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1945)
Liu Guangtan (Hubei Province, Wuhan City)
Liu Shanbi (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1941)
Qi Yuanjing (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1929)
Shi Yuanchun (Hubei Province, Wuhan City)
Wan Huilin (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1938)
Wang Mingquan (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1947)
Wu Yi (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1938)
Yang Hongyuan (Hubei Province, Wuhan City)
Yu Xinggong (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1946)
Zhang Hankai (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1947)
Zhao Keming (Hubei Province, Wuhan City, 1942)
Zhao Qiguo (Hubei Province, Wuhan City)
Guo Chaoren (Hubei Province, Wuxue City, 1934)
Wu Dingfu (Hubei Province, Wuxue City, 1946)
Jing Zhiyuan (Hubei Province, Xiangfan City, 1944)
San Xiangjun (Hubei Province, Xiangfan City, 1954)
Jia Fukun (Hubei Province, Xiangyang, 1945)
Hao Yichun (Hubei Province, Xianning City, 1920)
He Jianzhong (Hubei Province, Xiantao City, 1958)
Li Jinzao (Hubei Province, Xiantao City, 1958)
Lin Keqing (Hubei Province, Xiantao City, 1966)
Wang Shengtie (Hubei Province, Xiantao City, 1942)
Xu Kezhen (Hubei Province, Xiantao City, 1956)
Liu Jinan (Hubei Province, Xiaogan City, 1939)
Zhang Changping (Hubei Province, Xiaogan City)
Dai Junliang (Hubei Province, Xishui County, 1960)
Min Yiren (Hubei Province, Xishui County, 1964)
Nan Cewen (Hubei Province, Xishui County, 1962)
Wen Lishi (Hubei Province, Xishui County, 1936)
Yu Jicong (Hubei Province, Xishui County, 1945)
Su Xiaoyun (Hubei Province, Xuan'en, 1952)
Lu Shibi (Hubei Province, Yichang City, 1930)
Zhu Guangya (Hubei Province, Yichang City, 1924)
Liang Huiling (Hubei Province, Yicheng City, 1962)
Cheng Zhiqing (Hubei Province, Yingcheng City, 1934)
Yang Deqing (Hubei Province, Yingcheng City, 1942)
Yu Linxiang (Hubei Province, Yingcheng City, 1945)
Tang Tao (Hubei Province, Yingshan County, 1962)
Wang Yixin (Hubei Province, Yingshan County, 1965)
Wang Jianjun (Hubei Province, Yunxian County, 1958)
Jia Tianzeng (Hubei Province, Zaoyang County, 1944)
Xiong Youlun (Hubei Province, Zaoyang County, 1939)
Zhang Hongxiang (Hubei Province, Zaoyang County, 1940)
Jin Caikuan (Hubei Province, Zhijiang, 1944)
Sun Jinlong (Hubei Province, Zhongxiang County, 1962)
Yang Guoping (Hubei Province, Zhongxiang County, 1934)
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