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December 26, 2015
China's annual audit to cover all government funds, officials
December 18, 2015
President Xi speaks at Central Economic Work Conference in Beijing
December 17, 2015
China, Russia sign pact to expand financial cooperation
December 03, 2015
Vice premier meets HK bankers after RMB's SDR inclusion
December 01, 2015
China, Chile celebrate 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties
November 10, 2015
Xi vows faster economic structural reform
October 22, 2015
Li Keqiang meets with former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Pauls
October 21, 2015
No hard landing for Chinese economy despite downward pressure
October 19, 2015
Zhang Dejiang starts process of ratifying AIIB agreement
October 19, 2015
ICBC opens second Italian branch in Rome
October 18, 2015
China, Britain must fully tap potential in trade
October 16, 2015
Li Keqiang stresses financial reform to better serve real economy
October 16, 2015
Li Keqiang presides over symposium with representatives from financial enterprises
September 19, 2015
Zhang Gaoli stresses good mapping of 13th Five-Year Plan
September 17, 2015
Wang Yang meets SCO economic and trade ministers
September 10, 2015
Li sees stable, healthy financial market ahead
September 10, 2015
China contributes 30 pct to global growth in H1: Premier
September 10, 2015
China's economy to improve in future: Premier
September 09, 2015
China's government debt risks controllable: premier
September 04, 2015
Tajikistan, China sign currency swap deal
August 26, 2015
China to step up financial leasing to bolster economy
August 25, 2015
Li Keqiang said there exists no basis for continued depreciation of the Chinese currency yuan (the RMB)
August 25, 2015
Mainland, Taiwan sign agreements on flight safety, taxation
August 10, 2015
Chinese VP eyes bigger role for applied math in economic growth
July 30, 2015
China's economic operation good in general
July 23, 2015
Chinese premier hails BRICS bank
July 21, 2015
Zhang Dejiang meets with group from Hong Kong-based CGCC in Beijing
July 19, 2015
China's economic growth outlook still promising
July 15, 2015
China pledges to stabilize RMB exchange rate
July 13, 2015
"Precision" key to Premier Li's economic vision
July 10, 2015
Chinese president welcomes Pakistan's entry into SCO
July 10, 2015
Xi says granting India, Pakistan membership to inject new impetus into SCO
July 10, 2015
SCO starts expansion, ratifies 10-year development strategy
July 10, 2015
China welcomes SCO expansion, calls for upholding "Shanghai Spirit"
July 10, 2015
SCO leaders underscore regional security, peaceful settlement of hotspot issues
July 09, 2015
Xi urges quickened construction of China-Russia-Mongolia economic corridor
July 09, 2015
China-Brazil ties develop vigorously: Xi
July 09, 2015
Chinese president urges BRICS to oppose historical revisionism
July 09, 2015
Xi stresses IMF reforms, upward trend of BRICS economy
July 09, 2015
China delighted to see new progress made in Iran nuclear talks: FM
July 08, 2015
Chinese cabinet expresses confidence in economy
June 30, 2015
China welcomes more EU participation in Chinese urbanization
June 30, 2015
China, France agree to launch fund for joint cooperation with third parties
June 29, 2015
China to back EU efforts to revive economy
June 29, 2015
China is always a responsible long-term holder of European bonds
June 28, 2015
China-Brazil investment cooperation on fast track
June 28, 2015
China under pressure to meet fiscal revenue budget target
June 28, 2015
China considers reform on individual income tax
June 27, 2015
China, Brazil launch 20-bln-USD fund to support production capacity cooperation
June 23, 2015
U.S. should contribute more to global economic growth
June 17, 2015
Premier Li pledges fruitful Summer Davos in China's Dalian
June 16, 2015
China, Central Asia seek cooperation on Silk Road Economic Belt
June 01, 2015
China, S.Korea formally sign FTA as new growth engine
May 25, 2015
Chinese vice premier vows to support ADB's poverty reduction effort
May 19, 2015
China, Brazil sign 27-bln-USD trade agreements
May 15, 2015
Chinese premier confident in proper economic growth
May 15, 2015
Chinese banks urged to support infrastructure projects
May 03, 2015
Yu Zhengsheng supports proper AIIB role for Taiwan
April 20, 2015
China "uncomfortable with" U.S. negative list for investment treaty talks: Lou
April 18, 2015
China always welcomes U.S., Japan to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: minister
April 17, 2015
Li Keqiang said the country should push forward reforms in the financial sector to support growth of the real economy
April 17, 2015
Zhou Xiaochuan says IMF members frustrated with quota reform delay
April 14, 2015
Premier urges preparedness amid rising economic pressure
April 10, 2015
Northeast China to renew growth via reform and opening up: premier
April 01, 2015
China broadens investment scope for social security fund
March 28, 2015
Chinese economy highly resilient: President Xi
March 28, 2015
Xi calls for building common-destiny community on four pillars
March 28, 2015
Xi on "Belt and Road": Not China's solo but inspiring chorus
March 28, 2015
Xi extends condolences over Germanwings crash, pays tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
March 28, 2015
China continues to promote win-win cooperation
March 28, 2015
President Xi: new security concepts should be nurtured in Asia
March 28, 2015
President Xi: China will vigorously promote regional financial cooperation
March 28, 2015
President Xi calls 2015 important year, historic juncture
March 24, 2015
Premier Li reaffirms AIIB cooperative stance
March 23, 2015
Chinese premier pledges wider market access, stronger IPR protection
March 22, 2015
Foreign investment still favors China
March 22, 2015
China's monetary policy still quite prudent: PBOC chief
March 19, 2015
China, OECD to focus on sustainable development
March 19, 2015
China's Finance Ministry welcomes Luxembourg to join AIIB
March 12, 2015
Central bank governor gives press conference for 3rd session of 12th NPC
March 12, 2015
China's cross-border capital flows normal: central bank governor
March 12, 2015
China sticks to prudent monetary policy: central bank governor
March 12, 2015
China to implement deposit insurance H1 2015
March 12, 2015
China mulling new policies for Internet finance
February 16, 2015
Chinese vice premier, U.S. treasury secretary discuss economic issues over phone
January 21, 2015
Chinese economy not to suffer hard landing: premier
January 21, 2015
Premier Li delivers keynote speech at WEF
January 21, 2015
Wang Yang has called for more foreign trade to support the economy
January 20, 2015
China, Switzerland to sign financial deal on offshore RMB market in Zurich
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